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My paintings, whether image-based or abstractions, are chiefly concerned with spatial tension and drawing. When the painting involves an animate subject, whether human or animal, the spaces on the canvas convey physical and psychological implications that can frame, detain, and project the subject. As an abstraction, the spaces must instead relate to each other and create associations that are provocative and, ultimately, emotional.

I begin most paintings with a drawing; it is the foundation of my approach. I like the ability to reveal the body language of a subject, or, in the case of an abstraction, the dynamic essence of a composition. The line, for me, is a powerful component in the visual experience of a painting because it exposes our interpretive intentions: the hand reveals what the mind and heart are up to, often before we know ourselves.

The Excavation Series embarks on a different process, one of gradual build-up, then obliteration, and, in the final stage, the exposure of a composition as I wipe away paint to find a balance filled with tension. The process is not unlike the unearthing of a lost city: it is delicate, yet urgent, with the potential for discovery and destruction.

I studied painting at the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and then continued to study life-drawing through adult education. After moving to San Francisco, I took a long break from painting and began writing fiction, producing six novels and a collection of short stories. I returned to painting full-time in 2001, and eventually moved to eastern Mendocino County, California. I currently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  


     Winter Exhibit, Campovida Oakland, Taste of Place
     Animals, Linus Online Gallery, Los Angeles

     RISK, Juried Exhibition, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA
     Annual Juried Exhibition, Unitarian Universalist Society Gallery, King's Room
     Permanent Exhibition, Patrona Restaurant, Ukiah, CA
     Summer Exhibit, Campovida Winery, Hopland, CA
     Installation, Piazza Campovida, Hopland, CA
     The DO Lectures USA, Campovida Winery, Hopland, CA

     Feelings, Linus Online Gallery, Los Angeles
     Muttville Benefit Auction, San Francisco, CA
     DO Lectures USA, Campovida Winery, Hopland, CA
     Gala on the Green, Mendocino College Benefit Auction, Hopland,

     The DO Lectures USA, Campovida Winery, Hopland, CA
     Gala on the Green, Mendocino College Benefit Auction, Hopland, CA

     Surreal You Hair Design, San Francisco, CA
     Marin Humane Society Benefit Auction, Novato, CA


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